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The Nephew, a Doctor, inherits the pile,
And rebuilds the Manor in a more modern style,
He thinks his uncle's work is wrongly painted,
But even the best of intentions can become ... TAINTED

William has inherited the burnt remains of Ravenskull Manor from his Uncle, Nathaniel, after the family have rejected it. They believe there is a curse on the whole place dating back to the first Sable-Black who built it. Additionally it is claimed his uncle did some really horrible experiments. However, William doesn't believe any of these "old wives tales". Despite being advised not to, he rebuilds the Manor in much the same way it was before the fire. 

In a strange twist, the mysterious Book of Ravenskull has survived the fire, it is said that the book contains dark spells and even the original curse, there are even claims that one spell could bring people back from the dead. William, however, believes his uncle's work is much maligned by ignorant people who had no understanding of the advances in medicine. However, try as he might, he is unable to open the great book. He just assumes there must be a key somewhere, other claim its because he isn't a true Sable-Black, having changed his name in honour of his uncle.

He wants the Manor to be a source of good and believes everyone deserves a second chance. After much persuasion, he gets the local magistrate to agree to him taking in offenders who have committed  crimes out of desperation, rather than being hardened criminals. He uses his medical knowledge to treat them and hope to give them a second chance at life away from crime.

For a few years it proves to be a very successful endeavour and people start to relax more. The name of Ravenskull is no longer met with silence or disapproval. The fortunes of Ravenskull are improving and people believe the curse of Ravenskull must have died with the burning of the original building.

However, one night a mighty storm once again returns to Ravenskull. The skies light up red in the night, like the breath of a dragon and the winds blow like the beating of his wings. In the morning everything has changed. Those patients who are left cry out for help, their minds seemingly broken. Other patients are just missing. The whole  fabric of the building seems to have changed.

In the study stands Doctor Sable-Black. But is it William or has Nathaniel returned? In front of him the Book of Ravenskull lays open....


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